Mission Statement

The mission statement for our travel baseball program at Complete Game of PA is to provide highly competitive tournament experiences that develop athletes, teaches good character, develops players into good citizens and future leaders. Complete Game’s professional coaching staff provides a positive learning experience where players develop their skills through teamwork and with experienced role models.

Our Travel Teams represent Complete Game of PA and themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship and good conduct from all: Players, Coaches and Parents. The goal for our Baseball and Softball Programs is to prepare our players to play at the highest level of their athletic ability while preparing each individual to effectively navigate the college recruiting process. 

Travel Baseball & Softball Team Tryouts: What To Expect For Players and Parents

Travel baseball and softball teams are some of the most competitive youth sports’ organizations in America, and tryouts can be equally as stressful for the parents as they are for players. With only a small window of time to show off your talent and such small margin for error, a good tryout for an elite team could put a child on a trajectory for college-level play. Enrolling your kid in an elite baseball and softball academy is the best way to ensure your young athlete will make the team.

So, what are some other things players and parents can do to make the most of these travel baseball and softball tryouts?

What Coaches Look For During Baseball & Softball Tryouts

  • Showing up on time and being prepared
    • Players – This means showing up 15 minutes before tryouts begin and with proper attire. While it may sound silly, some players do not show up in proper baseball attire, which is a clear indicator that these aren’t serious players. 
    • Parents – This means getting your child to the tryout on time and that they have the correct equipment they need for tryouts. Players who show up to baseball and softball tryouts without the correct gear are unlikely to be considered.
  • Player athleticism
    • Coaches look for raw athleticism in players; they know their job is to teach them technique, and they want to see that players have the speed, throwing ability and hitting power to apply that technique.
  • Coachability
    • Players – Travel baseball teams are full of some the most talented young players in the area. But if these constantly showboat and appear to be self-centered, coaches will likely overlook them for a more team-centric player. Remember, you’re trying out for a team, not a lead role.
    • Coaches are looking for a player that is listens and therefore is coachable
    • Parents- Remember to stress to your child that baseball and softball are team sports, and that coaches look for players who are going to improve the team as a whole.
  • Basic baseball/softball skills
    • Players – Coaches want to make sure you have the basic skills of the sport. It’s up to you to practice the basics of throwing, catching and hitting in the weeks leading up to your tryouts.
    • Parents – While playing catch with your kids is great, enrolling them in an elite baseball academy where they can get expert advice will give them the biggest chance for success.

Travel Baseball Teams In PA

If your son or daughter is looking to join an elite travel baseball team in PA, give them the edge by enrolling them in Complete Game Of PA’s program. We will teach them all the skills they need and prepare them for their baseball and softball tryouts to ensure they’re set up for success at school, travel and beyond.

Call us today at (484) 791-3677 or come visit us in Royersford, PA where we help players and our baseball and softball teams reach the next level of play in baseball and softball. Our teams play tournaments in the Greater Philadelphia region and also travel to baseball destination hot spots.