When you’re choosing a softball or a baseball academy for your children, there’s nothing more important than the coaches who your child will be learning from. And if you’re looking for baseball and softball coaches in the Greater Philadelphia area, there’s no better choice than Complete Game Of PA.

Not only are our coaches committed to developing their player’s skills, but they take pride in helping their players build character. Our baseball and softball coaches are role models and they reinforce positive training techniques. Our coaches see mistakes as teaching opportunities, whether it be about baseball, softball or about life. 

Our Baseball and Softball Coaches

Our baseball and softball coaches understand the nuances of the game so well that they can teach it to children in a language that children understand, which is exactly what they do through words and demonstrations. They break down every facet of the game into bullet points that children can understand and use to grow their knowledge of the game. Much like teachers, our baseball coaches and softball coaches understand how to teach, they then demonstrate the ins and outs of the game, and they strive to use the game as a tool to empower players and instill confidence early in life.

Our Hitting Coaches

A good hitting coach teaches young players more than power. They teach players how the entire body can be used to make contact with and drive a ball, and how hitting is as much in the hips and legs as it is in the arms. 

If players don’t establish good habits early in life, it’s likely they’ll carry bad habits with them throughout their entire career. Our batting coaches make sure players develop good habits early and often, and that they build a solid foundation of good habits for the rest of their career.

Our Pitching Coaches

Pitching is where most young players get hurt early on. They don’t throw correctly and they develop bad habits which they build on, and those bad habits take a toll on their bodies down the road. Our pitching coaches ensure players learn to use their hips and legs, not just their shoulders, in the throwing motion to deliver powerful and accurate pitches.

Youth Baseball Instructors In Greater Philadelphia

Our youth baseball instructors focus on one-on-one instruction which paves the way for future success. So whether you’re looking for hitting or pitching coaches, Complete Game of PA has you covered. Give us a call at (484) 791-3677 and sign up for lessons with some of our professional instructors today!