Are you looking for a softball or baseball facility with state-of-the-art equipment to enable you to train your best players or even an entire team? Perhaps your vacation with friends and family and would like to get some exercise in an organized environment. You’ll find everything you need at Complete Game of PA’s baseball academy

Our offer covers everything you could possibly need: 

  • Softball and baseball field rental
  • Professional pitching machines
  • Softball and baseball cages
  • Dirt mounds

Our softball and baseball facility is being rented by teams and players alike, providing everything required for training sessions and games. 

Batting Cages for All Your At-Bats Needs

Training good batters take practice, much more than a couple of at-bats available during a game. Batting cages are the best training solution as they help players to up their game without depending on their team. The cages allow more swings but require less cleanup, thus saving the player valuable time.

We offer five indoor batting cages for year-round training. We have players of all ages and levels coming in regularly with their friends, teammates, coaches, or by themselves. Our softball and baseball batting cages, along with our pitching machines, allow players to practice their hits and improve their performance. 

Take Your Training to the Next Level with a Pitching Machine

For those who like to train by themselves, hate depending on others to pitch, or get tired pitching to train their batters, a pitching machine can be lifesaving. At least that’s what the players, coaches, and teams who have been using our pitching machines say. 

It’s available for anyone who wants to improve their reaction speed, bat control, and hitting. Whether you’re looking for adults’ or kids’ pitching machine rentals and softball facilities, we’ve got you covered, and at decent prices, too!

Get in Touch Today to Learn About Your Rental Options

Call us at +1 (484) 791-3677 or send us an email at and let us know what you need. We can meet all your rental needs, and those who turn to us never again need to search for a softball or baseball facility or other similar queries.


Field Space Available

September 1st – April 30th 

$150 per hour for the full turf. Package deals available with extended hours

May 1st – August 31st

 $100 per hour for the whole turf. Package deals available with extended hours


March 15th – May 31st

$80 per hour for ½ of the turf and 1 cage

$125 per hour for ½ of the turf, 2 cages and 1 pitching mound


5 Batting Cages: $40 per hour per cage

3 Clay Pitching Mounds: $25 per hour per mound

Contact or email Susan Cunningham at the following: (484)791-3677 or