Summer Athletic Development Program

Whether you are in-season, out of season, or transitioning between seasons,
the foundation of your development as an athlete is your CONSISTENCY.

Summer Program

Program begins the week of June 10th and will run through the week of September 6th

Program spans 13 calendar weeks

Training Prices and Hours

2 Days Per Week: $450

Sign Up Here:

3 Days Per Week: $550

Sign Up Here:

Schedule is be posted below, in the Complete Game of PA App and in the Facility

Session Programming

  • Access to our Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Athletes sign up for a time slot in Complete Game’s MindBody app
  • Starting time slots will be limited to 10 athletes
  • Initial mobility and movement screen
  • Sport-specific training program prescription
  • Workouts can be expected to range from 45-60 minutes depending upon the season of the athlete
  • Teambuildr app account for delivery of program and ability to communicate directly with Strength and Conditioning Coach

Training Prices and Hours

Schedule is posted above, in the Complete Game of PA App and in the Facility


12 Week Session – Weekly Frequency Price Paid in Full ***Payment Plan
2 Sessions per Week$450$167/month
($501 total)
3 Sessions per Week$550$200/month
($600 total)
The 13 week summer program runs from 6/10 until 9/7
Payment is available through the links below, on the app and in person at Complete Game’s Facility Front Desk
*** Payment Plan – Payments will be charged on 6/10, 7/1 and 7/29 – ask at the front desk to set up this option
Athletes sign up for sessions within the Strength & Conditioning Coach’s posted hours on the Complete Game of PA App
Athletes may attend all open gym hours as well
Complete Game of PA team members receive a 15% discount
Families with 2 or more members pay in full for the first athlete then receive a 15% discount for all other athletes
Extension weeks are not be available for the 13 week program

Fall & Winter Sessions

Option for 2 or 3 Sessions per Week

Prices are the same as Summer Sessions

Spring 2025 Program TBD – More info will be out Winter 2024-2025

What is Premier Athletic Development?

Premier Athletic Development is the training facility within Complete Game of PA. Along with Complete Game, PAD is dedicated to providing athletes the opportunity to develop their skills, take their game to the next level and follow their dreams; whatever they may be. We are building elite athletes through the systematic implementation of sports performance principles to serve them in unlocking their true athletic potential.

Who should join Premier Athletic Development?

Premier Athletic Development is the place for all athletes to take their game to the next level. Athletes receive access to a facility with all of the strength and conditioning resources they need to get bigger, faster and stronger in their respective sports. With the ability to sign up to work with our Strength and Conditioning coach, athletes will be run through a mobility and movement screening in order to be placed in an appropriate training program that will meet the athlete where they are in their current level of performance. This approach will place the athlete in the best position possible to see success in the weight room so they can take that to their skills on the field, court, mat, or whichever arena the athlete performs.

Why Premier Athletic Development?

Premier takes pride in understanding the athletes that walk through our doors. Rather than pushing athletes to their limits for immediate results, PAD pushes the process of what it takes to see growth; both in sports and in life. This approach places emphasis on how athletes move in the weight room and seeks out to maximize these skills of movement in order to see gains in both strength and conditioning. Teaching athletes this process gives them accountability in their training that they not only take into their area of competition, but wherever they find themselves in life after sport.

Premier Athletic Development Facility Rules and Regulations

  • Athletes are expected to treat members and staff of the facility with respect.
  • Athletes are to always place safety first during their training
    • Ask questions
    • Perform exercises safely and effectively
    • Use spotter when necessary
  • The Premier training facility is meant for training: Absolutely NO inappropriate behavior will be allowed.
  • Athletes are expected to place weights back into a racked position following use.
  • Dress code includes, but is not limited to, and will be enforced by facility staff:
    • Appropriate footwear
    • T-shirts with sleeves are to be worn at all times
Schedule through the office or the Mindbody app
Phone: 484-791-3677 – CG office number
Coach Vince Terry’s email: