Choose from Two High School

Development Programs

High School Elite Pitching Program

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:00 pm

9/6/2022 – 10/27/2022

Attend 1 session per week – $400

Registration Link: for one session:

Attend 2 sessions per week – $750

Pitchers will work toward building efficient movement patterns to develop elite velocity, command and off-speed pitches. The goal of the clinic is to help our high school aged pitchers compete in their weekend tournaments while also helping to train them for future seasons. Rapsodo technology and command trainers will be used to help the pitching development process.

High School Velocity Development Program

Designed for position players and pitchers

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4:00-5:00 pm

9/7/2022 – 10/28/2022

Cost $900

Registration Link:

This 8-week velocity program is for players seeking to improve their throwing velocity in preparation for the next stage in their high school career. The program is for both pitchers and position players. As players advance in the game, velocity becomes more important to their ability to play at advanced levels. Training principles will be applied to throwing in order to increase ball speed.

Throwing mechanics and aggressive throwing progressions make this program specific to players not participating in fall ball.