2019 Winter Softball Clinics

Session 1 Dates: (6 weeks) Jan. 5th – Feb. 13th
Session 2 Dates: (6 weeks) Feb. 16th – Mar. 27th

Hitting & Fielding Clinic for All Levels (All Ages)

Fundamentals is what wins games. This clinic will break down the swing and help teach the fundamentals to becoming a good hitter. Specific drills will be designed and taught to each individual players to help improve their swing. We will also break down all fielding mechanics in this clinic from basic ground balls, to the dreaded short hops. Making sure foot work is perfected on backhands, forehands and they know what angle to take to the ball.

Session 1: Jan. 5,12,19,26, Feb. 2,9 TIME: Sat. 9:00-10:00am COST: $130 per session
Session 2: Feb. 16,23, Mar. 2,9,16,23

Beginner Pitching Clinic (All Ages)

Learn the basic mechanics of the fastball and the ability to locate your pitch with pin point accuracy. This class will gradually move into learning the change up (if established, improving and locating). Each session will end with time set aside for power drills to start building speed, strength, and stamina.

Session 1: Jan. 7,14,21,28, Feb. 4,11 TIME: Mon. 7:00-8:00pm COST: $130 per session
Session 2: Feb. 18,25, Mar. 4,11,18,25

Hitting for Rising Stars (All Ages)

This camp will break down the progressions of the swing and help develop good swing mechanics to get you to the next level. Each player will get an evaluation of drills specifically designed to improve their personal swing by the end of camp to work on in the off season.

Session 1: Jan. 9,16,23,30, Feb. 6,13 TIME: Wed. 6:00-7:00pm COST: $130 per session
Session 2: Feb. 20,27, Mar. 6,13,20,27

If you have any questions call 484-791-3677

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