Baseball Hitting & Fielding (Ages 7-10 and Ages 11-13)            

This clinic consists of 30 minutes of hitting and 30 minutes of fielding. Hitters will do drills and take batting practice while discussing the fundamentals of swinging with the instructor. The clinics will also stress infield and outfield skills, including fielding, catching, throwing and live game situations.

Baseball Pitching Clinic (Ages 8-10 and Ages 11-13)

Pitchers will focus on fundamentals of pitching and mechanics of throwing, and work to improve pitching skills through drills and bullpen sessions. Players will learn about arm care and recovery to limit arm injuries.

Video Hitting Analysis (8th-12th Grades)

The Complete Game Video Hitting Analysis Clinic will feature professional hitting instruction for 8 straight weeks. The class will cover all aspects of hitting mechanics. It will cover a breakdown of each phase of the swing from load to balance, separation, bat path, contact points, extension and finish. Each player will be videoed weekly and your swing will be reviewed to provide constructive criticism throughout the session. Players will receive every video at the duration of the clinic along with an evaluation and feedback about their individual swings.

Exit Velocity Hitting  Clinic (8th-12th Grades)

The Complete Game Hitting Exit Velocity Clinic will feature exit velocity training over an eight week period for players to increase ball exit speed off of the bat to become a successful hitter. Exit velocity is measured using a radar gun and is measured at the peak of velocity, which is right after the ball leaves the bat.  There is a strong correlation between increased ball exit speed and batting average and power.  The faster the ball comes off the bat, the better lower the chance of creating an out.  In addition, every mph of velocity adds about 4-6 feet of distance to a batted ball. Training will include the use of Axe Bats and HitTrax to help show players what they need to do in order to improve their exit velocity. Coach JT Fisher will be coaching the clinic.


Class times, days, and age groups subject to change based upon enrollment. Please check our website for the permanent schedule in the week prior to the camp beginning.

Information for the next season will be available soon.