Program will run from: August 31-October 23

Monday, Wednesday, Friday session 5:00-6:15.  – (8 weeks)

Lead Instructor: Joe Moore

Cost per Clinic: $800

This 8 week camp is for the athlete who isn’t throwing ​in fall baseball games. Each participant  will have their throwing and movement patterns analyzed and will execute player development  plans to improve their mobility, strength, power and throwing mechanics. The goal is to develop  efficient throwing mechanics so that each player can work toward reaching their potential on  the mound or across the diamond.

The below metrics are suggested as benchmarks for players as they progress in their baseball  journey.

There is no denying the importance velocity plays in the evaluation of players as they progress  through the baseball ranks. As seen in the chart above velocity is a metric that validates an  individual players potential impact on a teams performance. Coaches and scouts assess it and  rank players according to this and other metrics. The velocity program is designed to build  velocity as safely as possible. Developing arm care and recovery habits, ingraining efficient  movement and throwing patterns and developing functional strength and power potential are  vital to maintain arm health while developing velocity.   During the 8 weeks participants will work to maximize their strength, movement efficiency,  power and throwing mechanics in order to improve their throwing velocity and arm health.

Class times and days subject to change based upon enrollment, age difference and requests.