Information for the next season will be available soon.

Two 12 week sessions that will be 3 days a week:

Session 1 – Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Session 2 – Tuesday & Thursday and Saturday

Cost per Clinic: $99 per week/ $1,188 Total for 12 weeks

Lead Instructor: Joe Moore

Recommended for High School Students

This 12-week program takes a holistic approach to helping a baseball player develop toward their full potential in the area of throwing. Each participant will receive a mobility assessment, video analysis of their throwing biomechanics and an individual plan to improve their throwing performance. The program is designed to teach arm care routines, identify and correct mobility deficiencies, increase the strength of tissue by challenging it to adapt to varying and progressive stress with arm health and performance being the driving force. The program is adapted for each individual player and modified for participants younger than high school age based on a variety of factors. The instructor will discuss individual programs with both parents and players.

Class times and days subject to change based upon enrollment, age difference and requests.