High School Elite Pitching Programs

11/29/2021 – 2/26/2022

36 Scheduled Sessions | 3 days per week | two clinic times being offered  

Session #1 – Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 5:30-7:00 pm

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Session #2 – Monday, Wednesday & Saturday – M & W 7:00-8:30 pm | Sat. 10:00-11:30 am

Registration Link has been turned off: This clinic is full. Please call the office to join the wait list for this session or select a different time.
Lead Instructor: Joe Moore
Cost per Clinic: $1,400

The elite pitching program is designed for pitchers who have completed a previous velocity or advanced pitching program at Complete Game of PA. The elite pitching program will run for 36 sessions in preparation of players’ High School baseball season.

The first phase of the program will focus on assessing pitching mechanics and building throwing endurance through an increase in workload. Each pitcher’s delivery will be assessed for their ability to produce ground force, sequentially rotate to create and pass force to and through an arm path that is connected to rotation. A throwing drill package and corrective exercises will be assigned to improve the efficiency of their pitching delivery. Arm preparation and recovery routines, drills and increased volume of throwing will prepare pitchers for success later in the program as well as a successful high school season.

Phase II will consist of a four-week velocity improvement cycle where volume and intent will be progressively added to stress tissue and challenge athletes to compete with the radar gun. Through efficient mechanics and a progression of workload players work toward meeting an expected outcome of improved velocity. Results vary among participants and increased velocity is not guaranteed and dependent on several factors with the player’s effort being a driving force.

The final phase will consist of command training, pitch design and progressive mound volume to build pitchers up to 60 plus pitches in bullpen sessions in preparation for High School tryouts in early March. Command trainers, Rapsodo ball flight technology and a variety of teaching aids will be used to impact each pitcher’s velocity, command, off speed pitches and health in as a safe a way as possible.

Register for clinics using CG’s Mindbody app or register directly on Mindbody using the above links.

High School Velocity Training Program

Designed for all Players – Position & Pitchers

12/6/2021 – 2/25/2022

34 Scheduled Sessions | 3 days per week   

Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 4:00-5:30 pm session

Registration Link:
Lead Instructor: Joe Moore
Cost per Clinic: $1,300

This program is designed for high school age baseball players who are serious about development and are looking to improve throwing velocity. Each participant will have their movement patterns and throwing mechanics analyzed. Individual development plans to improve their mobility, force production and transfer, sequence of rotation and arm actions will actions will be prescribed. Participants will learn routines for pre and post throwing to promote arm fitness, preparation and recovery. The goal of the velocity program is to develop advanced movement patterns, improve arm fitness and develop efficient throwing mechanics to reach players’ throwing potential.

There is no denying the importance velocity plays in the evaluation of players as they progress  through the baseball ranks. As seen in the chart below velocity is a metric that validates an  individual players potential impact on a team’s performance. Coaches and scouts assess it and rank players according to this and other metrics. Our pitching programs are designed to build velocity, accuracy and endurance as safely as possible. Developing arm care and recovery habits, ingraining efficient movement and throwing patterns and developing functional strength and power potential are vital to maintain arm health while developing all around velocity and mechanics.   

Baseball Metrics

The below metrics are suggested as benchmarks for players as they progress in their baseball  journey.

Fastball76-79 MPH82-84 MPH87-90 MPH91-94 MPH
Height5’7″ – 5’10”5’10-6’1″5’11”-6’2″6’2″
Weight168 lbs182 lbs190 lbs210 lbs
Exit Velocity70-73 MPH81-83 MPH88-92 MPH108-115 MPH
60 yd dash7.
Home 2-First4.3-4.54.2-4.34.2-4.36.9
Catcher POP2.2-2.32.0-2.11.9-2.01.85
OF Throw78-80 MPH83-85 MPH85-88 MPH91-93 MPH
INF Throw74-76 MPH78-81 MPH82-84 MPH86-89 MPH
TRAVEL BALL – no data available

Class times and days subject to change based upon enrollment and requests.

Due to a maximum number of players per class please contact Complete Game of PA’s office at (484) 791-3677 or info@completegameofpa.com for registration information if you are unable to sign up on through MindBody or the coach.
Registration links: See the above links for each clinic.