2019 Complete Game Fall Baseball/Softball Clinics

Session Dates September 30 – December 6 (excludes Thanksgiving week)

Baseball Hitting & Fielding (Ages 6-9 and Ages 10-12)              

This clinic consists of 30 minutes of hitting and 30 minutes of fielding. Hitters will do drills and take batting practice while discussing the fundamentals of swinging with the instructor. The clinics will also stress infield and outfield skills, including fielding, catching, throwing and live game situations.

Session Dates (6-9): Monday                     TIME: 6:30-7:30                   COST: $250

Session Dates (10-12):Monday                  TIME: 7:30-8:30                   COST: $250

Baseball Pitching Clinic (Ages 7-12)

Pitchers will focus on fundamentals of pitching and mechanics of throwing, and work to improve pitching skills through drills and bullpen sessions. Players will learn about arm care and recovery to limit arm injuries.

Sessions Dates: Friday                      TIME: 5:30-6:30                     COST: $250

Velocity Clinic (Ages 13+)   (September 3-November 2)

Pitchers will be working to develop their arm to the point where the velocity increases. Fundamentals, arm care, mechanics, and confidence will be instructed in this clinic. Video Analysis will be used to track pitching mechanics and allow instructors to help players improve their velocity. Players will have a set workout program to improve arm velocity and learn about arm care to help avoid future arm injuries.                

Session Dates: Tuesday and Thursday- 7-8:30, Saturday 9-10:30        

COST: $799

Softball Hitting & Fielding (Ages 7-12 and Ages 13-18)

Class consists of 30 minutes of hitting and 30 minutes of fielding. Hitters will take batting practice, learn about hitting fundamentals and special skills such as bunting and slapping. Classes will also focus on fielding and throwing fundamentals and live game situations.

Session Dates (7-12): Tuesday            TIME: 6:00-7:00                     COST: $250

Session Dates (13-18): Thursday        TIME: 6:00-7:00                    COST: $250

Softball Pitching Clinic (All Ages)

Pitchers will learn how to increase pitching velocity, along with working on secondary skills. Fundamentals and mechanics will be stressed in this clinic, along with arm care and the mental aspect of pitching.

Session Dates: Monday and Wednesday       TIME: 6:00-7:00     COST: $400

Baseball and Softball Strength and Conditioning (Ages 13+)

(September 1- December 31)

This program will consist of movement patterns to strengthen and correct asymmetries in the body. Stability, mobility and flexibility will be incorporated into this program to develop athletes into better baseball/softball players. This program will develop the player that is in-season, as well as the player that is off-season. Participants will use an interactive program to track and record their progress.

Session Dates: Monday-Friday       TIME: 4:00-6:00      

COST: $40 monthly or $5 per session drop-in fee


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